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My Brow Journey - Microblading


I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I have always been a victim of bad brows !! I went from OVER plucking in the 90’s (even when my mom told me not to)…to just now in my early 30’s trying to grow them out into a shape that I actually love and that frames my face perfectly. THE BROW STRUGGLE IS SOOOO REAL!!!!! .Of course we all know that I am a makeup artist and I can easily just fill them in and keep it movin’, but at the end of the day I have to wipe that makeup off and look at terrible non-symmetrical brows, that don’t frame my face at all, hang lower than I would like, and just all over the place. At one point I felt like they were growing out but every time I would go to get them “cleaned up”, the brow lady would take too much hair off OR I felt like it was never the right shape. I never had the sexy arch that I wanted. ‍♀️.So about a year ago, A friend told me about microblading! “What’s that??? ” . Basically it’s permanent makeup for your brows and it mimics real hair strokes. I started doing my research and came across Dollistic! Let me tell you guys how I had the BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! I know it seems a bit scary to think of something so permanent being done to your face BUT Lizzeth @nenalg made the process so comfortable for me, I felt like I was in great hands! We had 2 consultations (1 over the phone & 1 on the day-of the appointment). There are a long list of Pre-care and Post-care directions that I MUST follow in order to have great results!! One being NO caffeine or alcohol for 48 hours prior to my appointment date! The caffeine was a struggle but I survived ! When I got to my appointment we talked through the entire process and Lizzeth even talked about what my brows would experience over the next couple of weeks during my healing stages! So the crisp brows that to see here will fade a little more and look softer and more natural, but it will take a few weeks to get there. Over the next couple of weeks, I will take you through my journey so you guys can see the real deal on what happens through this process. ✨.What I wanted from this experience is exactly what Lizzeth did for me. My main goal was to have a nice sexy arch but still maintain a straight brow shape! I wanted my brow lifted to create more eyelid space and also I wanted them natural looking. Mind you, my brows are naturally black and curly so this was not an easy task!! Needless to say, I am super happy with my results and I would definitely recommend anyone that is thinking of getting microblading done, to visit with DOLLISTIC! Lizzeth is incredible to work with! I will meet with her in 6 weeks to do my touch-ups! During my touch-up, I will be able to add more shading (if needed) and see if I would like to make any changes to the shape!.On a scale of 1-10, I give it about a 3 for pain. There was some numbing involved during the blading process which made it a lot easier ❣️ Mind you, I’m a little dramatic when it comes to pain, so if I can take this than anybody can!!

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